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 I was introduce to the natural world of organic food and supplements by default when my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.The Doctor said: it’s not cancer it’s MS; he can live with the disease. What she didn't tell us was this disease takes your life slowly, day by day, until your entire life is dominated and revolves around the www.omnical.co.uk disease. I began to buy books in an attempt to find alternative approaches to MS. I discover Bee stings was great for this disease ,so we did it. Organic and Macrobiotic cooking was my new challenge. I eventually opened a health food store, which was located in Brooklyn for eleven years. I extend my education into herbs and I began to formulate herbal extracts for my costumers. After I sold my store I opened an organic restaurant for a short time and decide to convert my business to an online store .I took courses and graduated from Hearthstone, a school in upstate New York specializing in herbalogy and to devote my time assisting helping overcome their health problems. When I treat a patient, I work with them to implement life changing habits. To be healthy it is necessary to commit changing your life www.rabt.org and that commitment starts in the kitchen by changing your consumption of basic foods ,salt, sugar, flour, water, oils, and grains.To be more accurate in my assessment of a clients health challenges I perform a computerized bio-energetic assessment test which pinpoints over one hundred and seventeen thousand pathogens. Since each person's body chemistry is different I work individually with them best luxury watches replicato individually customize their program and diet  to meet their specific needs. If a person has hormonal issues, I highly recommend identical hormone therapy as well. I work from two location: one in East Rockaway, Long Island and the other in Brooklyn,NY.Please call in advance for your appointment. Yaffa Regev Tel:347-6620687 or 718-6273438 rolex replica for sale